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If the serial number of your In&box starts with 54XXXXXX : | In&motion
SupportIf the serial number of your In&box starts with 54XXXXXX :

If the serial number of your In&box starts with 54XXXXXX :

The In&box is the sensor device for the airbag system and is only compatible with the In&motion airbag system.

For the first use, switch on your In&box with the side switch. If the side switch is already ON, press the middle switch twice.

Please note that your In&box will remain active for 48 hours from the first use (In&box switched on and connected to the system in real use).
After this 48-hour period, the In&box will be blocked and will no longer be functional.

Activate your account and your In&box here and follow the activation procedure detailed in this article.



The In&box has three different functions:

1. Activation via the side ON/OFF button

The main switch on the left side of your In&box is used to switch on your In&box for the first time only.

Make sure to push the button to ON before the first use. Do not switch off the In&box using the side button without first switching it off with the double click.

Never switch off your In&box by the side button during an update (blue flashing of the upper leds).

2. Double quick press of the central button

Once the In&box has been switched on with the side switch ON, a quick double press on the central button of the In&box allows the In&box to be switched on and off without having to remove the box from its housing.

3. Automatic standby function

Thanks to this function, your In&box will switch to standby function automatically if it remains motionless for more than 5 minutes. When the In&box detects motion, it turns on automatically eliminating the need to turn it on or off! However, the In&box must be placed on a completely motionless stand.

Make sure to turn your In&box off with the central button or side switch button when using any other transportation or when the airbag product is not being worn (topcase etc…)


Below is a list of different LED colours that you may see on your In&box.


Inflator connected
(airbag functional)

Inflator not connected
(airbag not functional) 

In&box off
(airbag not functional)


GPS active
(after a few minutes outside)

GPS inactive
(airbag functional)



When the two upper LEDs are blinking red: Airbag not functional 

  • Check your In&motion subscription
  • Connect your In&box to your mobile app or Wi-Fi network
  • Contact us if the problem continues
  • Less than 5 % battery (flashing red light). Charge your In&box !
  • Less than 30% battery (about 5 hours of usage time remaining)
  • Battery charged (30 to 99 %) or In&box off
  • Battery charging (In&box plugged in)
  • Batterie charged to 100 % (In&box plugged in)


  • The two upper Leds are blinking blue alternately: the In&box is seeking for a connection to your Wi-Fi.
  • The two upper Leds are blinking blue at the same time: the synchronization and updatingprocess is in progress.

Warning, do not use the side switch button to turn the In&box off when the LEDs are blue!

In case of problem with your In&box or if the LEDs have a strange behavior, you can refer to the Help section and contact us directly if the problem continues.

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