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Mobile App “My In&box”

Thanks to the mobile app « My In&box », you can activate your In&box and access your dashboard in real time.

Download the app « My In&box » on AppStore (iOS version) or Google Play Store (Android version).

The mobile app « My In&box » is currently compatible with the following mobile phones: 

  • iOS as of version 11.4
  • Android versions 5, 6, 7 and 8 (Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo)
  • Compatible Bluetooth Low Energy chip

For the first use only, connect to the app using the login and password created earlier when creating your user account. Then, activate your In&box and pair it to your user account through the app. You will find all the activation process here.

Once activate, the In&box is totally independant and does not need to be connected to the mobile app to be functional.

MY In&box app functionalities:
      • Create your user account
      • Access your dashboard
      • Change your detection mode: street to track or vice versa
      • Follow the after-inflation process
      • Manage your user account
  • Change your detection mode: street/ track
  • Airbag system connection
  • Battery level
  • Wi-Fi networks configured
  • Last connection to In&motion server
  • In&box updates status

In order to connect your In&box to your mobile app, you just need to turn on your In&box, launch the mobile app and connect to the app thanks to your user account. The mobile app will search for your In&box turned on and nearby in order to connect.

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