SupportRefill cartridge replacement for horseback riding airbag vest (Horse Pilot Twist’Air)

Refill cartridge replacement for horseback riding airbag vest (Horse Pilot Twist’Air)

Attention, this article is only valid for the HORSE PILOT Twist’air vest

A tutorial video is available at the bottom of the page !

  • Always replace the refill cartridge in a clean environment.
  • Never place your fingers on the pistons.

#1 Remove the refill cartridge

Remplacer la recharge de l'airbag

To begin, lay your vest flat in front of you. For a better grip, we suggest you place the trigger in the direction indicated on the diagram shown on the left.

Retirer la cartouche de l'étui

Using your thumb and index finger, slide the 2 latches a few millimeters down towards the bottom of the vest (you will feel resistance when the latches are lowered).

Enlever la recharge de l'étui

While holding the 2 latches in the down position, place your free hand under the refill cartridge and your thumb on the trigger (as shown on the diagram). Using your thumb, pull the refill up towards you to remove it.

Ne pas retirer la recharge comme cela

⚠ CAUTION : Do not pull the refill cartridge in the direction shown in the diagram.

Dismantle airbag refill Twist'Air

#2 Unscrew the cap

Retirer le bouchon de la recharge équitation

Using the Allen key on the back of the trigger, unscrew the cap until you see the “STOP” and stop before you see the red marking.

If the red marking appears, screw the cap back in a little until it is no longer visible.

Changing the Twist'Air airbag refill

#3 Push the piston

Pousser le piston pour recharger

To recharge your airbag you must replace the piston that was used to puncture the gas cartridges in the refill holster.

Push the piston with the Allen key (provided on the back of the trigger) until the hole in the piston is aligned with the hole in the trigger.

CAUTION : Make sure the hole in the piston is “metal” in color. If the hole is black, the piston has not been fully lowered.

CAUTION : The piston may have turned on itself. If the hole in the piston is not visible, use the Allen key to put the piston back on its axis.

#4 Install the pin

Réarmer la goupille

Place the trigger pin into the hole in the plunger, making sure it is seated properly.

While holding the pin down with your thumb, screw the cap back on until the arrow on the cap lines up with the arrow on the trigger.

CAUTION : Make sure the pin stays in place while you screw the cap back on.

#5 Replace the refill cartridge

Remettre sa recharge

Insert the new refill cartridge by clipping it onto the trigger. Then replace the rubber band to hold it in place.

CAUTION : You know that the refill is properly installed when you hear a small “click”

See also the video tutorial below:

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