SupportHow and when can I replace my inflator?

How and when can I replace my inflator?

A few words on the Inflator also called gas generator:

The Inflators can be ordered on our website « Shop» or to your nearest dealer. The recommended retail price of the Inflator is 90€ with VAT.

To find out more about how to replace the Inflator and reset the airbag after a fall, please refer to this article.

>Which Inflator should I choose?

Please note! There are two types of inflator, depending on the model of your airbag product.
There are several possible methods for determining which inflator reference is compatible with your product:

1. The airbag system serial number
  • Go to the shop.
  • Enter the serial number of your airbag system. It is located on the white label inside your product, and takes the form 00000000-00000.
  • The Inflator reference compatible with your airbag product will be displayed.
2. The inflator used or present in your product

The reference number of your inflator is located in the top right-hand corner of the white label.

  • Inflator IMI 2368

IMI 2368

  • Inflator IMI 7112

IMI 7112

  • If the connector has a black cable and the Inflator connector is blue, your airbag product is compatible with Inflator reference IMI 2368.

IMI 2368

  • If the connector has a white cable and the Inflator connector is black, your airbag product is compatible with Inflator reference IMI 7112.

IMI 7112

The part number of your Inflator can also be found on the label on the connector cable.

>How to calculate the expiration date of your Inflator?

Look at the mention “Use By” on the label at the back of your Inflator.

  • If date is on or before 2027, your inflator can still be used for another 6 years.

Example: if the date indicated on your Inflator is 12/2025 then the expiry date of your Inflator is 12/2031)

  • If the date is on or after 2033, the expiry date of the inflator is the date indicated on the label.

Frist für die Verwendung des In&motion-Inflators

Warning, some simple rules of use: 

  • Inflators are single-use. After an inflation, it cannot be reloaded and must be recycled as any other scrap metal
  • Use with In&motion airbag system IMS MOTO only. Only inflators provided by In&motion (ref IMI 2368 and IMI 7112) are certified and assure the proper functioning of the In&motion airbag system.
  • The Inflator must be handled with care – only touch the main body. Do not drop.
  • Do not touch the connector (blue or black part) at the end of the Inflator.
  • Do not throw away a full Inflator or that has never been triggered.
  • Always screw the Inflator into the airbag vest before plugging the electrical connector.
  • Do not throw away a full Inflator that has never been triggered.
  • Read with caution the instructions detailed in the user manual supplied with your airbag product.
  • The expiry date of your Inflator is indicated on its label

In order to check if the Inflator is empty or full, insert your In&box turned on into its housing:

  • If the Inflator LED (light) is green, the Inflator is full

Green led

  • If the inflator LED is red, the inflator is empty or not connected: your airbag is not functional.

Red ledIn case of damage or anomaly, do not use your airbag product and contact your local reseller.

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