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How can I choose the right size?

The size of the airbag product integrating the In&motion airbag system will depend on the different products distributed by our partner brands.

In order to know the size guide of each airbag product, refer to the user manual supplied with the product.

The Ixon IX-UO3 airbag vest is for now available in 6 sizes:  from XS to 2 XL. It was conceived with elastic textile in order to fit all morphologies. You need to wear it under your motorcycle jacket and it needs to be fitted to the body, that is why our advice is to select your usual size (standard clothing).

If needed, you can refer to the following table to select the appropriate size for your body type:

We advice you to try your airbag product directly to your reseller first.

To obtain optimum protection and comfort, please select the right size and ensure that the vest is fitted correctly to your body. Close all the closures and other straps to ensure maximum comfort.

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