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How to reactivate my airbag system after inflation?


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Wi-Fi configuration on my In&box

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Membership In&motion

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My account

Activating my In&box

Activating your In&box via the mobile app « My In&box » : creating your user account and pairing your In&box to your account.

After-inflation process

After an inflation, the airbag system is reusable. You simply need to replace the inflator (gas generator) and to follow the after-inflation process hereunder in order to make sure that your airbag system is not damaged.

Can I pair two different In&box to the same user account?

For now, it is not possible to pair 2 In&box to the same user account. Each system is paired to a user account and one e-mail address.Therefore, you need to create a new account for the second In&box with a different e-mail address and subscribe to a membership thanks to this new account. Once this process done, you will be able to pair your In&box to this new account through the mobile app.

Cancel my subscription

As part of a monthly or annual subscription, you may cancel your subscription at the end of your commitment period. To do this, you must notify us of your decision in writing (email or postal letter) and return your In&box. Cancellation will be taken into account once we receive your In&box.

Change my membership

You subscribed to an In&motion membership but would like to change your formula? For now, you simply need to notify us by e-mail to with your request and the new formula you would like to subscribe to. 

Change my password

If you can no longer find your password, simply go to the "Moto Membership" website page or to the “My In&box” application’s home screen and click on "Forgotten password".

Changing my bank details

Your credit card changed or expired? You can go to your personal account area on our website in the tab "My account" > "Personal details and Billing" > "Method of payment" and simply change your banking details. 

Charging and battery life

Battery life is estimated at 20 hours of continuous riding. The charging time is around 2 or 3 hours. 

Configuring my Wi-Fi access point

This step allows the In&box to automatically connect to a WIFI network when it is charging. This connection is used to automatically download updates.

Data Policy

Declaration of conformity

Detection cases

Detection modes Street / Track

Difference between street and track detection modes and how to activate it.

Does my In&box need to be connected to my mobile app during my ride?

The In&box is totally independent and autonomous. It therefore does not need to be connected to the application to be able to detect your movements and trigger the inflation of the airbag. The application is used to activate your In&box and view your dashboard but your In&box can work even if you don’t install the application.

Does the airbag system deflate after an inflation?

For safety reasons, the In&motion airbag system was conceived to stay inflated all along the fall in order to protect you in case of multiple collision (obstacle, vehicule, ...). Even if the pressure will lower few minutes after the inflation, you will need to remove the inflator in order to empty all the air from the airbag.

Download my In&box updates

Be informed on an update availability and automatically download the latest updates on your In&box

First use of my airbag product

You've just bought an airbag product integrating the In&motion airbag system? Here are the few steps to follow before the first use.

General Terms and Conditions of the In&box Sales and Leasing

Help – My In&box does not work properly

An issue with your In&box? Un problème avec votre In&box ? Check this article to find the solution quickly! In case of doubt or if the problem persists, contact our customer service!

How can I change my airbag product size?

If you've bought an airbag product but the size does not fit you, you simply need to go to your reseller store in order to check if you can change your product with the correct size.

How can I choose the right size?

Selecting the right size of airbag product to benefit from the best comfort and protection.

How can I find my invoices?

You can access to all your invoices on your personal account area online. You just need to go to your user account on our website in the tab "My account" > "Personal details and billing" > "Invoices"

In&box operation

Use of your In&box, different functions to turn it on or off and Lighting code.

In&box updates – Release notes

Description of the In&box updates releases from October 2018. Last update on June 12th, 2019.

In&motion airbag system compatibility

The In&motion airbag system is not compatible with all the suits or carrying on a backpack.

Inflator recharge

A few words on the inflator also called gas generator:

Inflator recharge leaflet

Is my In&box waterproof?

The In&box can be used in rainy weather provided it is properly inserted into the vest and worn under a motorcycle jacket. However, it was not designed to be submerged.

Maintenance of my airbag product

Recommendations for your airbag product maintenance.

Managing my user account

Access your personal user area in order to manage your user account. In order to access your user account, you simply need to connect to our website with your login (e-mail address) and password created during your subscription.

Manual activation procedure of my In&box

If you do not have a compatible phone with the mobile app « My In&box », you can activate your In&box by following the manual procedure on your computer.

Manual procedure for configuring my Wi-Fi access point

If you do not have a compatible phone with the mobile app « My In&box », you can still configure your Wi-Fi access point on your In&box by following the manual procedure on your computer. 

Membership – How does it work?

How to get an airbag product integrating the In&motion technology thanks to the In&motion Membership.

Memberships and formulas In&motion

Description of In&motion memberships and formulas.

Mobile App “My In&box”

« My In&box » mobile app functionalities and how to download it

Privacy Policy

Transportation document

Traveling with my airbag product

It is of course possible to travel with your In&motion airbag system! Warning, make sure to turn off your airbag system when using any other transportation or when the airbag product is not being worn (topcase for example)!

Use of my airbag product for another activity

The airbag system should not be used for any other application that is not indicated in the user manual of your airbag product.

Use of the airbag system under a motorcycle jacket

The In&motion airbag system has been conceived to be worn a motorcycle jacket. How to be sure that my airbag product is compatible to my motorcycle jacket then?

Use on track / circuit

Use of the In&motion airbag system on track (regulated closed circuit).

User Manual In&box

When does my subscription start?

Subscription starts as soon as you subscribe to the offer.

Where can I buy the products equipped with the In&motion airbag system

The In&motion airbag system was conceived to be integrated in our partner brands products. Therefore, our partners commercialize and distribute the airbag products integration the In&motion technology. 

Will it be possible to opt out of certain offers?

The commitment depends on the formula you subscribed to: for the monthly formula, you committed to one month (renewable) and for the annual formula, you committed to one year.


As a consumer, you have a right of withdrawal without any reason within fourteen (14) days of an In&motion membership subscription subject to send us back your In&box within this period.


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