SupportIn&motion airbag technology – How does it work?

In&motion airbag technology – How does it work?

A smart detection system

The intelligence of the system is contained in the In&box (a box placed in the back of the vest), an array of technologies, the veritable «brain» of the airbag.

It includes the sensors and the algorithm. The latter can detect an unrecoverable imbalance, anticipate an impact and command the airbag inflation. For each use of the system, the data collected expand each user’s embedded algorithm. A finer detection for a protection performance always optimized. Between the time the system detects an anomaly and the time the airbag is inflated to optimal pressure, there is only a total of 60 milliseconds.

Present in 9 different championships, including MotoGP, In&motion has also developed a detection mode dedicated to the track, where the constraints and falls are very different from those on the road (see here).

Evolving system

The data collected during each use of the airbag system enriches the on-board algorithm of all users. Finer detection, continuously optimized protection performance. These optimizations are available to all users (whether they choose the Revolution offer or the Classic offer), through regular updates.

This evolving process, which is possible thanks to the In&motion community, allows to continuously optimize the protection performance.

In & motion airbag technology is a perfect combination of 3 technological blocks.

What does the airbag system protect?

Like a jacket, boots or reinforced pants … airbag protection is not required. However, it offers significant additional protection in case of a fall.

The benefit provided by the airbag is in absorbing the impact energy, distributing the shock wave and maintaining the body in position.

The In&motion airbag system protects vital areas: thorax, abdomen, neck and spine. Whatever airbag clothing you have chosen (Furygan, Held, Ixon, Klim or RST), the protection zones are the same on all equipment incorporating the In&motion system.

After a fall, the In&motion airbag system remains inflated for two reasons. The first is to avoid injuries that could occur in the event of an accident (obstacle, vehicle, slipping, etc.). The second is to keep yourself in a “cocoon” until emergencies arrives, limiting the movements that can cause complications.

And after a fall?

To deflate the airbag, simply unscrew the gas generator (called Inflator) located inside the back protector and follow the post inflation procedure. This can be done by yourself and takes less than five minutes.

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