Information notice

Information notice

New detection mode test campaign: MOTOCROSS

You are already a user of the In&box marketed by IN&MOTION, which allows us to measure your
movements while riding your motorbike and detect a possible loss of balance or an accident in order to trigger the inflation of your airbag system.

IN&MOTION currently offers three detection modes: Street mode for use on the road, Track mode for use on regulated circuits, and Adventure mode for use on dirt roads.

To provide a protection solution suitable for the greatest number of people, IN&MOTION wishes to market a fourth detection mode for motocross use on a closed motocross circuit, and is developing the “Motocross” mode for this purpose.

This detection mode has not yet been marketed.

IN&MOTION is launching a test campaign to refine the algorithms and validate the parameters of this new “Motocross” detection mode.

As part of this campaign, IN&MOTION is offering you a free trial of the “Motocross” mode if you want to practice motocross (on a closed circuit).

Below you will find information on how to use this new algorithm.

Please note that this advisory is specific to the “Motocross” algorithm test campaign. It is provided in addition to the user manuals for the In&box and your airbag product, which you must follow when riding your motorbike.

The In&box user manual can be referenced at any time directly on the IN&MOTION website:


The test campaign will run from November 2023 until the launch of the “Motocross” mode to the general public.

The “Motocross” detection mode is made available free of charge by IN&MOTION during the test campaign.

In order to participate in the test campaign and have free access to the “Motocross” mode, you just need to :

  • Download and/or update the “My In&box” application on your mobile (available on Android and iOS) and log in with your IN&MOTION user account.
  • Update the In&box.
  • Select the “Motocross” detection mode as soon as you use your airbag system during motocross practice on a closed circuit.
  • Once selected, your In&box will emit a different sound and you will see the selected mode appear in red on your application.

Don’t forget to select the “Road” mode as soon as you use your airbag system again on the road.

  • Synchronise your In&box regularly by connecting it to a pre-configured Wi-Fi network.


The “Motocross” detection mode has been designed to be used only for motocross practice on closed circuits. It was not designed to be used for any other type of activity: supercross, enduro, trials, freestyle, etc.

By entering the “Motocross” detection mode test phase, you agree not to :

  • Modify, customise or decompile its source code (or attempt to modify, customise or decompile its source code). Any modification, personalisation or decompilation of any kind could compromise the functionality of the In&box and consequently its protective performance in the event of a fall.
  • Lend your IN&MOTION airbag to a third party.


By participating in the test campaign and in order to provide us with your user experience feedback, you will need to :

  • Configure your Wi-Fi access point on your ln&box, via the mobile application,
  • Synchronise the In&box regularly in order to transmit the data collected by your ln&box to IN&MOTION by connecting it close to the Wi-Fi network configured beforehand or by launching a synchronisation from the mobile application.
  • Transmit to IN&MOTION, via the logbook, any information relating to an unusual event that you may encounter during the “Motocross” mode test (fall, inflation, etc.).

The logbook will be sent to you by email, to the contact details you have provided to IN&MOTION.

You may also send IN&MOTION any information related to your “Motocross” mode test at any time at the following address:

Please note that the sincerity, objectivity and diligence of your feedback are essential to IN&MOTION to enable it to improve the “Motocross” mode and thus meet your expectations as best as possible.


The IN&MOTION airbag system is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection, although no protection system or product can offer complete and total protection in the event of a fall, collision, impact, loss of control of the bike or other event.

Before participating in the test campaign, you must be aware of the possible risks of this campaign and accept them:

  • Non-inflation in the event of a fall, collision, impact or other event,
  • Unintentional inflation: unexpected triggering of the airbag system without there having been a fall.

Thus, the “Motocross” mode is likely to contain errors and produce unexpected results. The use of the “Motocross” mode is therefore done at your own risk. IN&MOTION can in no way be held responsible if one of the above risks occurs.


User safety is IN&MOTION’s primary concern.

We strive to implement all the scientific and technological solutions available to us in the state of current knowledge so that the detection system can ensure the best degree of protection and comfort.

However, the user of this device is the first actor in his/her protection, and it is only by adopting responsible behaviour that respects road rules that the intelligent detection system developed by IN&MOTION will be able to provide enhanced protection, without however guaranteeing the absence of damage. The on-board detection system cannot in fact alleviate behaviour that is dangerous, disrespectful or contrary to road safety regulations.

The “Motocross” detection mode is intended for your own use and you solely responsible for its use. It is therefore your responsibility to respect the use of the product prescribed by IN&MOTION. The responsability of IN&MOTION cannot be engaged in the event of non-compliance with the instructions for use by the user.

The algorithms are designed to be tailored to specific applications. Please check the conditions of use of the detection mode in order to benefit from the best protection in the event of a fall.


You can cease participation in this test campaign at any time, by simple request to this address:

If you choose to end your participation during the campaign, you will no longer have access to the “Motocross” detection mode.

IN&MOTION will inform you of the results of the test campaign by email once it has been completed. The results of the test campaign will enable IN&MOTION to refine the algorithms and validate the parameters of this new “Motocross” detection mode with a view to its future commercialisation. If you have any questions or feedback about this test campaign, please contact IN&MOTION at the dedicated email address:


At the end of the test campaign, the “Motocross” mode will be available as an option to all ln&members through a subscription on the lN&MOTION website.

An update of the ln&box will also be deployed to all users, including improvements of this new detection mode.

For any questions or feedback regarding this test campaign, please send an email to the dedicated email address:

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