In&motion technologyThe composition of our airbag systems

The composition of our airbag systems

Our airbag systems are made up of different components.

La composition des systèmes airbag In&motion

The airbag cushion

Once inflated, it absorbs the impact and protects the areas exposed to risk, depending on the airbag module.

Essential Module: Thorax, Abdomen, Neck, Back

Performance Module: Thorax, Neck, Back, Shoulders and Ribs.

The back protector

Combined with the airbag, the backrest provides additional protection, and is indispensable in certain specific cases of falls impacting the back.

Our systems all incorporate a level 1 or 2 back protector, depending on the model.

Les dorsales des airbags moto In&motion

The Inflator gas generator

The Inflator is the gas generator that inflates the airbag cushion.

In the event of a fall, it can be easily changed by the user. The Inflator gas generator lifespan is 10 years.

Inflator, générateur de gaz pour airbag moto In&motion

The Shell

The Shell is the external part that houses the In&box. It is designed to be strong and light.

Shell pour airbags moto In&motion

The In&box

The In&box, which is the brain of the system is the electronic box that houses the sensors and algorithms. It is removable and universal: it can be placed in any of our airbag systems. The battery lasts for 30 hours on the road, and takes just 3 hours to charge.

La In&box, cerveau du système de détection airbag moto In&motion
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