In&motion technologyProtection for every practice

Protection for every practice

Our trauma researchers have identified the importance of adapting the shape of the airbag to the discipline practiced, where the vital areas exposed to risk are different. By taking these specific features into account, we are able to meet users’ protection needs as closely as possible, and indirectly increase detection performance.

The Essential module: for all types of driving

The Essential module is the perfect compromise between protection and comfort. It goes straight to the essentials, covering vital areas: thorax, abdomen, back and neck. It is recommended for road use, but also offers protection benefits for occasional sports use. It is also suitable for intensive motocross riding, with the right product.

Performance Module: dedicated to intensive sports use

The Performance module is designed for intensive sports, where side falls are frequent. Unlike the Essential module, the abdomen is not covered during inflation, in favor of the shoulders and ribs, in addition to the neck, thorax and back. This module is recommended for intensive on- and off-road riding.

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