Rossignol Protective Gear In&motion Airbag Vest

In&motion Airbag Vest

999,00 VAT

Certified back protector including an In&motion airbag system


Approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the airbag system designed by In&motion is a vest, with a certified Rossignol back protector, that can be worn under a ski suit. Totally autonomous, the system analyses the skier’s movements in real time and is able to detect a major fall.
The algorithm triggers then the inflation of the airbag, in less than one-tenth of a second, before the impact with the ground in order to protect the crucial body areas namely : back, spine, thorax and the hips.
Energy absorption capacity is four times greater than a standard dorsal protection.
It’s been 2 years that this breakthrough protection is worn by several alpine and ski-cross skiers in World Cup competition as well as during trainings.
Once triggered, the system is reusable : you just have to change the inflator (available via In&motion) and you’re ready to go!

How it works ?

Intelligent and active protection in less than 0,1 sec


With 1000 analyses/second of the skier position, the system measures the skier’s every movements to detect a loss of balance


In less than 100 milliseconds, the airbag is inflated at the optimum pressure, protecting the skier before the impact on the ground


The system analyses and sends data to the In&motion team to better understand the reasons of fall