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Use of the airbag system under a motorcycle jacket

The In&motion airbag system has been conceived to be worn under a motorcycle jacket.

Each partner brand has developed an airbag product that can be worn under a jacket, as an independant vest or as a zippable layer in their motorcycle clothing range.

how does it work ?

The speed of inflation combined with the elasticity of the fabric (no, your leather jacket is not a concrete block: it deforms and relaxes depending on the use, the sun, the movements you make, etc. .) makes the air fit and the airbag can deploy at optimum pressure to absorb the energy of the shock.

how can i know if my motorcycle jacket is compatible?

The IXON IX-UO3 airbag vest has been designed to be worn under your motorcycle jacket, whatever the brand. To make sure that the airbag will deploy correctly under your jacket, please follow the measurement process hereunder, also detailed in the user manual of your airbag product.

  • Measure around your chest in cm
  • Measure around your waist, at navel height, in cm
  • Add these 2 measurements, then divide by 2
2. MeAsurements on your jacket:

The following measurements are taken while stretching the jacket. All the elastic fabrics and elasticated parts in the direction of measurement taking must be fully stretched.

  • Place your closed jacket on a flat surface
  • While stretching the jacket until the elasticated parts and fabrics are taut, measure the width of the jacket under the armpits in cm
  • In the same way, while stretching the jacket fully, measure the width of the jacket at navel level in cm
  • Add these 2 measurements

Your jacket is compatible with the vest if the difference between the first and the second result obtained is greater than or equal to 13cm;

the specific case of the racing suit!

If the airbag vest can be worn under any motorcycle jacket, it is not the same way for suits or for jacekts having a support in the crotch. The explanation is simple: when the airbag will deploy, it will go up under the helmet in order to protect from a neck hyper-extension.  If you wear a jacket (that is not zipped with your motorcycle trousers), no worries, the airbag can easily go up and deploy correctly… if you wear a suit, it won’t be the case and it might compromise the correct deployment of the airbag in case if incident.


In case of the In&motion airbag system is integrated into a layer (and not an independant vest), it’s then compatible with the motorcycle clothing range in which the layer can be zipped. It will be the case for our partner brands Held or Furygan.

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