SupportHow does the systematic deflation ring work?

How does the systematic deflation ring work?

What is the deflation ring?

The systematic deflation ring is a product designed exclusively for use on approved closed circuits or in competition .

The deflation ring is an additional product designed to offer a solution to motorcyclists who want to benefit from accelerated airbag deflation, making it easier to get back on the bike quickly after a crash.

IN&MOTION airbag products equipped with the systematic deflation ring comply with the requirements of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) for Category 2 airbags.

Instructions for use:

The deflation ring must be inserted on the inflator (gas generator of the In&motion airbag system). It is compatible with both IMI 7112 and IMI 2368 inflators.

The deflation ring must be removed and discarded as soon as you resume riding on open roads. It can no longer be used once it has been removed from the inflator and must be disposed of (even if your airbag has not inflated)

If you use your airbag both on the open road, and for use where you wish to use a deflation ring (e.g. circuit racing), we recommend that you have 2 inflators:

  • An inflator fitted with a deflation ring, for use exclusively on approved closed circuits or in competition.
  • An inflator without a deflation ring, for other uses.

All you have to do is insert the right inflator into your airbag to suit your riding style!

HOW TO INSTALL the deflation ring

If you’re carrying out this operation after inflating an airbag, be sure to evacuate all the air from the airbag cushion before refitting a new inflator.

To carry out this operation safely after an airbag activation, please refer to the after inflation procedure.

1. Remove the entire inflator from your airbag system.

For more details on the procedure, please refer to the article “How and when can I replace my inflator?“.

Do not place your fingers on the connector at the end of the inflator (blue or black part, depending on the inflator). Do not connect the inflator to the connector until it has been screwed into the airbag.

2. Place the systematic deflation ring on the inflator

Inspect the deflation ring and discard any ring with a defect or deformation.

Make sure the deflation ring is aligned with your inflator before inserting it.

Do not force the deflation ring into place, as this could damage it.

3. screw and reconnect the inflator with its ring to the airbag system.

For more details on the procedure, please refer to the article “How and when can I replace my inflator?“.

HOW TO REMOVE the deflation ring (if you have only one inflator)

Removing the deflation ring requires no additional equipment and can be done by hand (reverse procedure to the “fitting” procedure presented above).

It is imperative to remove the systematic deflation ring from your inflator before any use of your airbag product other than on an approved closed circuit or in competition.

Once removed, the deflation ring cannot be reused and must be discarded (even if your airbag has not inflated).

After inflating or removing the ring from the inflator, dispose of the deflation ring and used inflator at a metal recovery site, in accordance with local regulations.

For more details, download the deflation ring user manual.

competition use:

If you use a deflation ring in a competition, you must affix the supplied sticker to your airbag so that the personnel in charge of technical checks are aware of its use.

Below is the recommended location for this sticker:IMPORTANT: this sticker must be removed as soon as you use your airbag without the deflation ring.

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