Our vision

Democratize our systems in daily applications: sport, transport, workplace, health…

In&motion creates wearable smart protection systems that reduce risks of serious injuries due to falls.

The smart ski airbag

In&motion has already launched the smart ski airbag vest that measure & analyse in real time skiers’ movements and anticipates falls in order to activate the airbag bladder before the impact. Protection is optimum on both broad and crucial areas.
The smart ski airbag vest received several awards, was worn in 2015-16 Ski cross World Cup by racers from 7 major countries and will be available in stores since September via our partner, the Swedish brand POC.

Entering the Powered Two wheelers world

Our team is now working on a second application: a smart protection system for the motorized two wheelers, in partnership with the French motorcycle clothing specialist IXON.